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Engineering based on real-life experience on the track is the “driving force” behind T.M. Performance. The support offered by T.M. Performance’s consultants is often an essential factor for automakers operating in the motorsports industry who are interested in producing a new component. The TM team’s design skills are not only based on performance, but also include all the various aspects links to production, like costs and materials. For this reason, the T.M. Performance engineering consulting service is that which is most often sought out by its clients.

The value of the service offered by T.M. Performance is the intangible knowledge that, when combined with the ingenuity of the proprietor, transforms a problem into a new and unique solution: in fact, in the field of motorsports, the exception often becomes the standard. In order to come up with winning solutions, it is not enough to have in-depth technical knowledge: passion and creativity are the irreplaceable values upon which the company has succeeded in providing its engineering services.

T.M. Performance collaborates with Automobili Lamborghini, Dallara Automobili, JAS Motorsport, and AUDI Sport Italia technical experts for the design and production of motorsports original equipment components.

T.M. Performance offers a reverse engineering service in order to meet the need for reconstructed spare parts no longer in production, as well as to intervene in the production process with aftermarket components that offer impeccable performance with optimized production costs.

T.M. Performance sustains the design efforts of its clients by offering all the mechanical solutions necessary to obtain the ideal component processing techniques, and boasts a complete range of machinery that allows it to perform complex processing operations with an extremely small margin of error:
External grinding
Tangential grinding
Turning / milling (up to 5 axes)
Wire-cut EDM
Die-sink EDM
Grooved rolling GROB (without chip removal)
Deep drilling
Laser marking of custom logos

TM Performance also has a network of trusted companies to which it can turn for particular mechanical processing operations, as well as for heat treatments, and surface treatments.

T.M. Performance has two engine testing benches that it places at the disposal of Clients and interested racing teams. The first, with standard features, has performance characteristics suitable for testing engines with speeds of up to 10,000 RPM and power ratings of up to 600 HP. The second, on the other hand, is a high performance engine testing bench that’s capable of braking engines with speeds of up to 20,000 RPM and power ratings of up to 1000 HP.