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TM Performance

Engine testing benches

Over the years, Gianni Frabetti and his brothers gained their experience in the field of motorsports, and are still on the front lines helping racing teams by designing and manufacturing high-performance components and by offering on-track consulting services. This has led T.M. Performance to extend the range of services that it offers to its customers by acquiring two engine testing benches.

The first, with standard features, has performance characteristics suitable for testing engines with speeds of up to 10,000 RPM and power ratings of up to 600 HP. The second, on the other hand, is a high performance engine testing bench that’s capable of braking engines with speeds of up to 20,000 RPM and power ratings of up to 1000 HP.

This engine testing bench is OFTEN USED FOR F1 ENGINES:

  • For example, Automobili Lamborghini entrusts T.M. Performance with the testing of its 10 cylinder engine mounted on its Super Trofeo and GT3 models.
  • The Ferrari “Corse Clienti” racing department relies on T.M. Performance for testing its reconditioned classic F1 engines.
  • The engine testing service is also often provided for small teams who need to test their engines and evaluate the performance levels that they will offer once installed on the vehicles.
Max. powerPmax = 441 kW
Max. torque T = 421 N·m
Max. RPM Smax = 10.000 rpm
Moment of inertia MoI = 0.3 kg·sq. m2
Max. powerPmax = 760 kW
Max. torque T = 700 N·m
Max. RPM Smax = 20.000 rpm
Moment of inertia MoI = 0.3 kg·m2

Equipped with a data acquisition and consumption detection system with Horus software:

  • N°6 PT100 – Temperature and Pressure acquisition Channels
  • N°8 T1000 – Temperature acquisition Channels
  • N°3 pressure sensors 0:10 bar
  • N°1 pressure sensor 0:5 bar
  • N°1 pressure sensor -1:+1 bar
  • Blow By Measurement Device
  • Instantaneous consumption measurement device
  • Torque measurement device
  • RPM measurement device

Equipped with cooling systems in order to also allow for prolonged cycles to be carried out (24 h).