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Automobili Lamborghini

Automobili Lamborghini, a historic brand name known all over the world, includes T.M. Performance among its suppliers.

Since 2011, this giant in the field of sports car manufacturing (for use on both the track and the road) has found T.M. Performance to be a reliable and attentive supplier. The partnership began with Automobili Lamborghini’s purchase of a number of wheel hubs and clutches, two of the most acclaimed products manufactured by T.M. Performance. The bond between the two companies was further strengthened when Automobili Lamborghini decided to invest in the development of a race car that would compete all over the world in single-make trophy races and other competitions: the Automobili Lamborghini Huracàn Super Trofeo.
In fact, TM supplied dozens and dozens of the components that were used to transform a magnificent road model into an extremely high-performance race car.
This partnership between the two companies’ technical departments is not only based on the production of components, but is also focused upon continuous development and improvement.

The most important result of this partnership to date is the braking system. Thanks also to the client’s specifications, TM Performance has succeeded in creating a disc brake with extraordinary properties. The project began with the raw materials: with the help of Mr. Pivetti, who took part in a select chemical/physical analysis workshop, T.M. Performance was able to develop and produce an alloy with exceptional performance characteristics in terms of both braking power and durability. Based on all the technical trials performed in the laboratory and on the track, and with maximum attention being given to the drivers’ feedback, it’s a material that remains one of the absolute best currently available on the market for the production of brake discs. In the end the partnership between Automobili Lamborghini and T.M. Performance resulted in the creation of a brake disc package with extremely high-tech characteristics in terms of both the physical and mechanical properties of the components, thus allowing for a complete optimization of the production costs, and an extremely competitive market price for the finished product. The customizations provided by T.M. Performance in this specific case extended from the raw materials (specifications) all the way to the engineering and production phases.